It's from a Titanic's fascination  and a curiosity for 3D modeling
that Titanic 3D: the Experience was born. The project aims to recreate the legendary liner to demonstrate that even today the Titanic bears its name.


The result is the fruit of several years of research on the ship and
on La Belle Époque to make it all the more faithful to reality.


Titanic 3D: the Experience's project is a tool, a window in time
that will always be open and free to all.


Wishing you a good trip!

Best Regards,


Yannick Allen-Larochelle

- Project's Creator -



You'll soon be back in time.

Click the link below and we'll see you in 1912!




* The virtual tour is only compatible on PC, MacOS X, Linux, iPad, iPhone
 and iPod Touch. Android devices are not supported. *

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